quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010


Let's cut the consumerism

The consumerism is one of the problems of the XXI century, it has become a headache for too many people, especially for Who doesn’t know how to keep the money and its worth, so they spend all their money with lots of unnecessary an frugal things; on the end o the month they can’t purchase the credit card bill, for sure.
The consumerism is important for our lives and for the development of the cities, by the way, everybody needs to wear, to eat, to use the means of transportation / communication and etc, all of those things are very necessary, but we have to learn how to use them with the most of conscience, trying to save our money, but buying what’s really necessary for us.
Everybody loves to buy known products from famous brands, like Diesel’s, Nike’s and other kinds of clothes, shoes, or accessories; actually we can, and sometimes, we have to purchase for those products, but always with conscience. So “Buy and be happy”, that’s the globalized world rule.
There are people that spend their money in restaurants, fast food, coffee break, or pizza parlors; I don’t know if they’re spending unnecessarily their money doing that, or if they’re just getting along with their family and friends, during a lunch, or a dinner in a restaurant, for example, because everybody celebrates good times with food.

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