sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010


Nowadays people say that the global warming is one of the tragedies what we’re going to suffer during some years, so the water will disappear, the food won’t be enough, and especially, the science men are totally sure that the weather is going to change incredibly, people have never seen this kind of phenomenon, called greenhouse effect.
On the other hand, a conceptualized Brazilian geographer, Aziz Ab’Saber, says that the global warming isn’t a real fact, he proved the existence of a specific type of warming, but it generally happens in regional places; those places are the urban heat islands. Aziz says that we can’t be sure about the greenhouse effect around the world, but we can see very clear the “greenhouse cities” as São Paulo, New York, or Tokyo, for example.

True or false, we just know that the weather is becoming hotter at each day. They say that’s a natural process, because we’re going to pass through an “Ice Age”, but on the other side, worried people use to tell us that it’s one of the effects from the scary and destructive global warming.

If we don’t know the truth about the greenhouse effect, the most we can do is change our minds, trying to keep the nature balance, saving the water, restricting the use of harmful substances and remembering to leave the little trees in peace, because they’re our future.
  • Global warming: The increase in the Earth’s temperature.
  • Phenomenon: An extraordinary event.
  • Greenhouse effect: Caused by an atmosphere containing gases.
  • Urban heat islands: The warmer surrounding urbanized areas.
  • Ice Age: A geological period of approximately 20,000 years ago.
  • Harmful substances: Chemical and pollution substances.


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